Hello & Welcome

Our life is Black Blue Green with a touch of Pink and we would like to share those colours with you.
We love travelling nearby but also to far away places.
We love ships all sorts of and all sizes.
We love black coffee, cute & trendy cafés, red wine & surprising restaurants.
We love passionate people and love to meet them everywhere in the world.
We love saying hi to penguins, dolphins, whales and all their friends.
We love sunrises and (pink) sunsets.
We love cabins with balconies.
We love feeling the wind & sun on our skin standing on the deck.
We love discovering new places and then we don’t want to leave.
But most of all we love to be near or on the water.
We travel. We write. We photograph.
Thanks for joining us on our journey, it’s going to be a long one.
Mike & Véronique

Mike & Véronique

Mike is a photographer and a journalist and Véronique is trying to be one.

Véronique is a hippie and a professional tourist and Mike is trying to be one.

When we are not on the road, in the water or in the air you can find us in our hometown Ghent.

Together we produce articles for CRUISE (Japan), Shippax (Sweden), Cruise & Style (Belgium), EVA MagazineGoodbye (Belgium).

For more pictures visit Mike’s website: www.louagie.be