The engine starts and off we are. Never thought that being a passenger in a helicopter would be so comfortable. A pleasant vibration in the back and that’s it. The view on the Stockholm archipelago with its many snow-covered islands is just breathtaking. The ships are slowly making their way through the water surrounded by a beautiful composed ice mosaic. Mike is taking pictures while the helicopter hovers around. 

Communication is excellent through the headsets. Rickard, our pilot seems to understand perfectly where he has to position the helicopter to make the perfect pictures. He is used to flying paparazzi photographers around the archipelago so he smoothly directs the Robinson R44 closely the VIKING GRACE, our subject. The door has been removed for Mike to have a better view to take pictures which allows the cold breeze come in freely but nobody minds, we are just all smiling, enjoying the amazing view of the archipelago, the red brick Monopoly houses and the ship we are going to discover a little later and off course taking millions of pictures. I am ready for the next one.

Viking Grace