As the midsummer evening approached clouds above Stockholm got darker and darker. It was going to rain, a lot. Problem: I had hired a helicopter for a photo shoot of Oceania Cruises’ Marina.

By the time the ship was leaving it rained cats and dogs. My hope for pictures was drowning as the tarmac was getting flooded. Rickard, our pilot, remained calm and discussed the weather with the tower. He remained positive.

Once the cloudburst seemed to have lost its intensity Rickard decided to take off, and see if we could find the ship. With the first rainbow came new hope. And some more showers.  

Then the miracle happened. As we approached the archipelago the rain stopped and the sunshine reappeared. It was magnificent to fly straight into the rainbows.

It was 9.30pm and remember, because this was the longest day, sun was still very bright.

The first ship I started to photograph was Hapag Lloyd Cruises’ Columbus, and then, there she was: the Marina, in full glory, slowly making her way in this landscape of golden ripples and endlessly long shadows.


Midsummer of 2011, a memorable evening for sure.

Thanks Patrik Lejnell for the helicopter photos, and for sharing this adventure.