One of the best events when we cruise is when we can go in a Zodiac to take pictures. This time we were double lucky because EUROPA 2’s captain and gentleman Ulf Wolter was driving the Zodiac himself and we were the only passengers. Clearly the captain, who used to be on expedition cruise ships, enjoyed the moment as much as we did. 

EUROPA 2’s captain Ulf Wolter in action

“Sometimes we put somebody on the bulbous bow” he said. I thought he was joking. I quickly decided I wanted to do it.

Efficiently he drove the zodiac on the bulb so I could easily get out and step on it. It was slippery but it felt great standing with my feet in the cold water under the huge impressive bow.  I didn’t adventure too much on it, deciding that it was probably better that I didn’t fall on the hard steel.  

One hour later we had a wine tasting. It was good that it was afterwards, and not before my small adventure on the water.

Happy day number…?