The most iconic fragment of the Titanic movie is without any doubt the scene where Jack firmly holds Rose, both standing on the bow railing. What an unforgettable cinematographic moment when she extends her arms like a bird, saying one of the most famous lines, “I’m flying!”

Normally this extreme forward part of a ship is never accessible. However, finally there is a ship where you can have at least the exhilarating impression of seeing the vessel cutting through the waves. It is the brand new AIDAprima, from Aida Cruises.

I had the opportunity to sail on her during the last part of her delivery trip from the yard in Japan, which was from Lisbon to Hamburg. (It was on behalf of Shippax, for the annual publication Designs 16)

And indeed, the designers have created a little space into the bow.

Standing on the railing, as Rose did, is dangerous and hardly possible because of the upper structure.

Bending over, a little, to see the “Aida red lips” going through the water, and who knows, some dolphins, is ok.

The first sunshine of the day gives a golden glow on the bow.

The space is rather limited, and that is probably why it is not so easy to find. This is almost like a sacred place (especially at sunrise), and then you don’t want to share it (too much).

You have to go through a nightclub, and through a Champagne bar. And do some stairs too. I won’t say more.

Hoping for some dolphins.

This wonderful place is between the red arrows (Copyright photo Marko Stampehl)

A rainbow!

Text and photos: Mike