Last weekend we were invited to a birthday surprise party of a friend. Mike gladly drove all the way from France to The Netherlands (with a stop in Ghent). What is 600km for a dear friend? 

The party team organised a boat ride on the ‘Loosdrechtse Plassen’. So when the limousine with the birthday man himself arrived we were all set. In Loosdrecht we boarded a 1931-built elegant passenger ship, temporarily renamed the MS B Adventurous, for a beautiful discovery tour of the ‘Loosdrechtse Plassen.’ Needless to say when you look at the pictures how lucky we were with the weather. 

The ‘Loosdrechtse Plassen’ is a big recreation domain and nature reserve between Amsterdam and Utrecht and is well known for its many water sport facilities. We saw beautiful houseboats but also a camping. We passed one of the top wedding places ‘Finley Het Witte Huis’, the house of a famous DJ and I suppose many other famous (and wealthy) people can sometimes sip a cocktail on a private yacht alongside their own dock. At one point I saw a sign board ‘Nyenrode’. The Nyenrode University, where my dad went to school is idyllically located near the stream. In wintertime ice skaters take over from the ships and create another atmosphere. I think I want to come back and enjoy that view too (or maybe try skating myself…).

It was a perfect evening with perfect company and in a perfect setting. Perfect.

The lakes, orchards and surrounding grassland areas are monitored to preserve the nature I read and that is a good thing. Such a gorgeous part of the world and so close by.


Nyenrode – I have to have a chat with the city services there – that light pole is ruining the view