Did you know that you can do a yoga cruise on a tall ship? No experience needed.


Last summer Véronique and I had the pleasure to do a yoga cruise with the four-masted sailing vessel STAR FLYER, one of the three yachts from Star Clippers. The elegant STAR FLYER was our home for one delicious week of island hopping between Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. 

We loooove Star Clippers. In 2013 we had our first experience with the sister vessel in the Caribbean. (read our report here)

What makes a cruise with Star Clippers different?

On a sailing vessel the feeling of being at sea is more intense. It is all about being on deck and enjoying the outdoor life. It’s about seeing the majestic sails being filled with the sea breeze. Social life is different too: the majority of the fellow guest have one thing in common: the passion for the sea. Like-minded people connect more easily, and indeed, after a couple of days you start to feel a certain social cohesion, which you will seldom find on other “normal” cruise ships. 

Yoga instructor Christel Vollmer salutes the sun

The cruise we were on had something special: it was a yoga cruise. This is something Star Clippers offers quite regularly. A yoga teacher is then onboard and gives once or twice a day a yoga session for those who are interested. One thing: it is vacation, so no obligation whatsoever. 

Véronique practices yoga on a regular basis. For me it was a new experience. Every day we were ready for the session of 7am. This sounds extremely early when one is on holiday. Trust me, it was worth it. We basically had the ship for us only, as most passengers were still asleep. It was also the time when the sun started to make its appearance, always a magical moment at sea.

Christel Vollmer was our teacher. Most of the time we were five to practice on the mats on the traditional wooden aft deck.

I enjoyed it very much, and experienced it as an excellent start of the day, not only physically but also mentally. And in a short time Christel really managed to teach me a series of yoga techniques. 

Just for fun, and for the photo, we asked some crew members to join.

In 2016 Star Clippers offers more yoga cruises on all three ships.

On STAR FLYER: five yoga cruises in the Mediterranean, and one Transatlantic, with Christel Vollmer.

On STAR CLIPPER: two yoga cruises in Greece and the Med, with Kirsten Akens or Catherine Darrow.

On ROYAL CLIPPER: two yoga cruises in the Med and one on a Transatlantic crossing in November, from Casablanca to Barbados, with Masha Sapron or Inge Schöps.

More infomation on the Star Clippers website

Text and photos: Mike