Remember our live blogs from our cruise in July? We embarked Le Soléal -Compagnie du Ponant’s newest expedition yacht- in Lisbon and sailed all he way up north, via Ireland and Scotland to Iceland. Now it’s time to talk, or rather show design.

Le Soléal is the sistership of Le Boréal and L’Austral, and a fourth ship is under construction. You won’t find anything similar on the seven seas. Compagnie du Ponant combines cruising with yachting, adventure with luxury, discovery with design, and French with International.

Last week Le Soléal did the North West passage after a summer in Iceland and Greenland. She entered the Bering Strait, passed the Kamtchatka peninsula and is now on her way to Japan. After several wonderful cruises in Asia she’ll be back in European waters next April.