Yes, I will return to Antarctica

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In 2007 I had the unbelievable professional opportunity to do a 21-day cruise to the Antarctic Peninsular, South Georgia and The Falkland Islands before heading north to Buenos Aires with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ expedition ship HANSEATIC. The desire to return has been growing over the years, and although there’s no firm plan yet [...]

Walk on Water

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One of the best events when we cruise is when we can go in a Zodiac to take pictures. This time we were double lucky because EUROPA 2's captain and gentleman Ulf Wolter was driving the Zodiac himself and we were the only passengers. Clearly the captain, who used to be on [...]

Midsummer Magic

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As the midsummer evening approached clouds above Stockholm got darker and darker. It was going to rain, a lot. Problem: I had hired a helicopter for a photo shoot of Oceania Cruises’ Marina. By the time the ship was leaving it rained cats and dogs. My hope for pictures was drowning as [...]

Casual Über Chic

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I embarked Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ brand new EUROPA 2 in Southampton, in almost Mediterranean weather conditions. It was love at the first sight. A high-end “less-is-more” design. Space, space and even more space. Outstanding service by beautiful people. Food… o my God… choice, creativity, quality… It has it all. Often pictures say more [...]

First flight in a helicopter

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The engine starts and off we are. Never thought that being a passenger in a helicopter would be so comfortable. A pleasant vibration in the back and that’s it. The view on the Stockholm archipelago with its many snow-covered islands is just breathtaking. The ships are slowly making their way through the water surrounded by [...]

A carpet of king penguins

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The king penguin rookery on Gold Harbour, South Georgia, is probably the most breathtaking landscape I've ever seen. For all the passengers of the expedition ship Hanseatic it was one of the most emotional moments on the last Antarctic cruise of the season. Many say that South Georgia was even more impressive [...]