July 10. It took our little ship BERLIN five days to reach the Lofoten. Arriving shortly after midnight, under a thick carpet of clouds, the blue hour makes the scenery look impressive and mysterious. What would the next day bring?

The Lofoten islands are located above the polar circle, which means that we arrived in the part of the world without nights, at least during this small summer period. 

I am restless. Why? First because I have already been here, two years ago in winter (see previous blogpost). And now also because we hadn’t been very lucky with the weather so far. Sunshine? Long time no see. And when standing on the outside decks to watch the berthing maneuvers I saw this little change in the weather which gave me hopes for a at least a dry period.

In the middle of the night, it is 3 a.m., some sunrays appear and effortlessly reach the inside of my cabin, in spite of the closed curtains. I am awake! There is no other option for me to go out and enjoy the scenery of a battle between thick clouds and a bright sun.

At breakfast I meet Moniek, the fitness instructor. She tells me she has her own foldable bike onboard and asks if I want to join on a morning bike ride. Of course, I love biking, anywhere in the World. On the quayside I quickly find a bike rental booth and for NOK 250 (EUR 25) I get a wonderful high-tech mountainbike.  No need to show my ID card or to pay a deposit. In Norway trust still means something.

Bike rental is in the cabana on the left

In the meanwhile two other cruise ships have arrived in Leknes, the small PACIFIC PRINCESS and the megaship COSTA PACIFICA, which is at anchor.

Many of their guests embark on motor coaches for excursions to places like Å (probably the shortest name of a town in the World), Nusfjord and Reine.

Many of those who haven’t booked a tour seem lost. They walk in the port area where nothing is to be seen. Am I really the only one renting a bike?

Enough words, let me show you some pictures of our bike trip to the other side of Leknes, a very mellow 10km. 

After lunch it is time for a Zodiac ride. It is one of the excursions sold by All-Ways Cruises. I love discovering islands by boat. We all get a floatation suit and soon we go full throttles. The speed gives me an exhilarating sensation. Even if the weather is not too bad I am happy to have brought my woolen hat.

I am enjoying the green scenery, with the small fishing villages, the impressive rock formations and the fresh sea air. I am alive. I love the Lofoten and am dreaming to spend a whole week here, for boating and hiking. Lofoten, I’ll be back.

A Sea Eagle

Mike is onboard FTI Cruises‘ BERLIN, chartered by Belgian cruise tour operator All-Ways. The ship sails all the way to the North Cape and back.