A miracle it is. I can see the sun in a far distance. The magical midnight sun, and I feel it is going to be glorious.

During the first days of our cruise to the North Cape I tried not to think to much about it. Fifty shades of grey and umbrellas, you see what I mean. This is Norway. You need patience and luck.

But as we leave Leknes I am ready on deck, still looking at dark clouds. However, our onboard meteorologist George Kuster said during diner that the weather would soon be a lot better. And indeed, as we navigate up north, the midnight sun seems to be ready to finally make her appearance.

I am onboard this cruise ship to give some workshops about photography, and to my great satisfaction I see a lot of my ‘students’ showing up. They all feel it is going to be one of these magnificent moments.

Time for pictures, and enjoy the after midnight (!) scenery.

Text and photos: Mike Louagie


Mike is onboard ms BERLIN, chartered by Belgian cruise tour operator All-Ways. With some workshops he tries to inspire people to grab their cameras and smartphones, and learn them to achieve better results and come home with superb souvenir photos.

The ship will sail all the way to the North Cape and back.