No doubt, every time I am in Stavanger I will hike up to the Preikestolen –in English the Pulpit Rock. I cannot get enough of it. And it brings me luck too.

Today our ms BERLIN pays a visit to Stavanger, our last Norwegian port of call before heading back to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

We are a group of about twenty people who decided to book the full-day excursion to the Preikestolen. It will be my fourth visit to this magic place. Magic? Indeed, for some strange reason every time I went up, I experienced important changes in my life. Lucky changes. Happiness.

Superstition? Could be. But for me it works.

I have already written two Preikestolen blogposts: 2012 and 2016.

As soon as the ship arrives, we are the first to disembark. “No time to lose,” says tour guide Regina. “We first need to take the ferry and then drive to the starting point of the hike.” 

Dana and Monique from our team

Rather than writing I want to show you some pictures of our hike up. You will see, the landscapes vary, as does the degree of difficulty.

Sometimes you are almost alone

And sometimes it gets crowded

Yes we made it!

It’s the first time I see a queue on Preikestolen. They all want to stand on the same corner. And do crazy things.

Lien and Tim from WTV-Focus are having fun.

Gunther Guinee, our onboard illusionist, feels the magic of the place too

I am fascinated by the people around me. So much excitement.

More than 8 hours later we’re back in the port of Stavanger. We’re the last ones. The Captain is kindly waiting for us.

Time to say goodbye. To Stavanger. To Norway. To my Preikestolen.


Words and photos: Mike Louagie 

Mike is onboard classic cruise vessel BERLIN, chartered by Belgian cruise tour operator All-Ways. With a couple of workshops he tries to inspire people, to grab their cameras and smartphones, and learn them to achieve better results, and come home with superb souvenir photos.