In mid March I did a mini-cruise by ferry, from Copenhagen to Oslo and back. I had been working in the office like crazy and urgently needed to refresh my mind. A two-night trip would be perfect.

Read here what I liked so much about it.

1. Leaving by ship is something I find fascinating. And my other fellow passengers too. It is as if the ship’s first engine vibration of a departing ship brings a wave of joy and excitement.

2. DFDS offered me the possibility to experience the Commodore Class cabin with balcony. These suites offer a great view since they are on one of the highest decks of the ship. There is a free minibar and breakfast is included too. It can even be served in the room, if wanted.

Shortly after departure a steward knocks on the door to ask if he can make any restaurant reservation. And 15min later he’s back with a little plan showing my table and requested time. How convenient.

3. Commodore-class guests have their own private lounge, with nice magazines, free drinks and some finger food. A very relaxing way to start the evening.

4. The cruise-ferry CROWN SEAWAYS has several dining options. On the first evening I had a 300gr deeply marbled US Rib Eye in the Explorer’s Steakhouse. The meat was fabulous. The service was perfect, but missed a bit of warmth.

On the way back I went for the Seven Seas Buffet restaurant. For one fixed price you can enter a food paradise, called a Scandinavian Buffet. Oh my God, I wished I hadn’t had that cookie with my tea. One tip: go hungry.

Especially the display of fish is absolutely amazing, with varieties of salmon, marinated herring, smoked eel etc. Second tip: order a glass of aquavit.

Although this restaurant was larger (than the Steakhouse), the staff was extremely welcoming and friendly.

It was dark when I had my sumptuous dinner. I could only imagine the beauty of the landscape through the large forward-facing windows.

5. Nothing matches a sunrise at sea.

6. Entering the Oslofjord is a moment of utter relaxation (even if it was foggy when we arrived). Because the hills prevent the wind to ripple the surface it feels like sailing on silk.

It takes three hours before arriving in Oslo, and the arrival is only at 09:45, which is a very decent time. By the way, did I say that the departure time is 16:30, which also allows for a pleasant afternoon and evening on board.

7. And last but not least, I loved this trip because Oslo has so many interesting things to discover. And almost everything is within walking distance of the ferry: the Opera, the Munch Museum, the shopping street, the (fascinating) central station, Aker Brygge, etc.

Read our blogpost of our visit last summer here.

I travelled with DFDS Seaways.

Text and photos: Mike