When you visit Bergen by ship, and you only have a couple of hours to spend, then a good advice would be to go to the fish market.

When you visit Bergen by ship, and you only have a couple of hours to spend, then a good advice would be to go to the fish market.

Imagine that after the morning excursion you have two possibilities: either going back on board for lunch, or heading for the heart of the city, which is the old dock with the colourful Hanseatic houses of Bryggen.

Good idea! Have a lunch ashore! You won’t regret it.

At the end of the dock you’ll easily find the fish market. You can’t miss it. It is simply amazing to see the huge pieces of salmon, the cod, the halibut, the king crab, and unfortunately even the whale. Be aware that some items might be imported, like the Canadian lobster, which, funnily enough is the thing most people photograph.

Lobster could be Canadian

In many of the stalls you can buy ‘fisk’ platters. It is simple, they are on display. And because of the ‘fresh’ environment, everything looks mouthwatering.

Allow me to give you a good advice, based on my own experience. Take your time to decide what you want. There are so many options, and to me ‘calamari a la romana’ (battered fried calamari rings) is not something you should eat there. Go for something fresh and local. Salmon of course, and some of the other fishes.


I went to the nearby, covered fish market, the ‘Fisketorget‘. In the building you’ll find several amazing fish shops with a few dozens of tables and chairs or benches. After carefully making up my mind I decided to sit down at ‘Fish Me‘, and quickly opted for the smoked fish platter with a local IPA Beer. Fish Me smoke the fish themselves in the traditional manner in open smoker ovens.

O my god, what a treat to have all this different kinds of smoked fishes, even including red salmon, marinated with beetroot and aquavit, hot-smoked brown trout, mackerel, herring, cod and of course Gravlax.

Was it expensive (a question that often arises in Norway)? I paid around 43 euro, including the beer, and it was absolutely worth it.

Later on I discovered that the restaurant also operates fish-buffet mini cruises with veteran ship BRUVIK. The ship’s berth just behind the ‘Fisketorget’. She sails four times a day to do 90-minute cruises in the nearby fjord. This is for next time..

Text and photos: Mike Louagie

Mike is onboard FTI Cruises‘ BERLIN, chartered by Belgian cruise tour operator All-Ways. The ship will sail all the way to the North Cape and back.

Bergen was the first port of call.

Fancy a dessert? Grab some Norwegian strawberries. The smaller, the better.