On Wednesday we berthed in Geiranger. It did not take me a lot of time to award this town to one of my favourites. Besides the mind-blowing emerald-green Geirangerfjord, the small town also has attractive cafés and stores to offer.

When you’re there, do have a coffee and sandwich in café and interior shop CAFÉ OLÉ and take place in their vintage sofas. Taste the excellent chocolate (yes we are experts, we eat chocolate almost every day) in GEIRANGER SJOKOLADE made by Swedish Bengt. He came to Norway for love. The relationship did not last but fortunately the business did. He makes some surprising chocolate combinations such as Aquavit & chocolate…

Another great place is GEIRANGER SKYSTASSJON for coffee or hot chocolate (it does not always have to be coffee). They have several terraces up the hill for you to choose from, all with splendid views on the harbour. The owner here is from Bosnia Herzegovina. I totally get why so many foreigners fall in love with this country. Wouldn’t you?

Bengt’s chocolate shop in a traditional wooden house with green roof

Café Olé

Geiranger Skistassjon

Another Moods of Norway store

Oh happy day, we were booked on the Geiranger fjord excursion with zodiacs. Many of the passengers participated. For lots of them trying on the colourful watertight jumpsuits was the event of the week with lots of picture snapping and laughter. I was mostly looking forward to feel the speed. The RIB crew promptly arrived to take us to the zodiacs. Of we went into the fjord. The driver knew his job and commented on the landscape. We saw the different waterfalls; the Seven Sisters, the Suitor, the Bridal Veil, the farmhouses on the hill and once again there were mountain goats to admire. It was fun seeing the other zodiacs and the excited faces of its passengers. Young and old were enjoying this so much. Good songs always end to soon but on the bright side we still had some time to hike up the hill and admire the small town and harbour from above. 

My most stylish outfit ever

At 5pm we left our anchorage and could enjoy the amazing scenery again

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique


Another beautiful evening, Up next : Bergen