Hurtigruten –one of our favourite companies– have revealed more details about their eagerly awaited new expedition ships, which are currently under construction.

First the names. They’ve probably chosen the most logic names ever. The ships will be named after Norwegian polar explorers: ROALD AMUNDSEN and FRIDTJOF NANSEN.

Hurtigruten already operates the expedition vessel FRAM, which is the same name as the ship used by Fridtjof Nansen for the North Pole expedition in 1893.

Roald Amundsen became the first person in the world to plant the Norwegian flag on the South Pole.

With the FRAM expedition Fridtjof Nansen proved that the north polar area is an ice-covered sea, not a landmass.

The vessels will be designed to offer guests the best possible view, both inside and outside. Coming as close as possible to nature and wildlife is of huge importance on expedition cruises.

Norwegian yacht designer Espen Oino is responsible for the interiors, and these first renderings look amazing. Wouldn’t you want to be on board immediately?

On the technical side it is important to note that the ships will use hybrid technology, which means that for a limited amount of time the ship can run on batteries only. This could be useful in pristine areas where a fully silent operation is important. Can you imagine gliding through the ice of the Antarctic, without hearing any engine noise?

We also love the idea of the infinity pool.

The first ship will be delivered in 2018.

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