It is not every day that you are invited to a wedding in Scotland, on a ferry and on an island. We immediately accepted and on Friday 5 August 2016 we arrived in Ardrossan, ready to embark for an exceptional warmhearted event.

Our good friends Elspeth Hough and Bruce Peter decided to have their official wedding on the ferry CALEDONIAN ISLES. I know Bruce’s passion for passenger ships (he is the author of about thirty books). Also, him being a professor at the Glasgow of Arts we were not surprised to see him marry in a “creative way”. Which the couple did, in bright colours.

Since pictures say more than a thousand words… A photographic impression.

I am married!

Each table had a ship’s name. It was always a ship Elspeth and Bruce have been travelling on together. We were seated at the VIKING GRACE table, something which made us smile, definitely.

Time went very fast, and after a wonderful diner in jolly good company it was time to return to Ardrossan, and Glasgow. As icing on the cake the sunshine made a wonderful appearance before retiring for the night.

We stayed three nights in Glasgow in one of our favourite brands of hotels: Citizen M.

See our previous blogpost about this hotel.

We travelled by car and took the DFDS ferry between Ijmuiden and Newcastle.

A previous report about these great ferry service can be read here.


We wish Elspeth and Bruce, and their son Leif, wonderful years of happiness.

And thank you for such an exceptional day.

Véronique and Mike