In December we were in the Caribbean with SEADREAM. On the plane back home I was thinking about all the things we forgot to put in our luggage this time. 

Of course there are the essentials:

-       Sunscreen & after sun lotion.

-       Lots of swimwear (you will practically live outside and in the water so you better pack your favourite bikinis/swim shorts.

-       Sunglasses

-       A hat (or buy one on one of the islands).

-       A sarong: comes in handy to lay on when you are at the beach, or to wrap around you. You don’t have to carry a towel; I usually carry mine around my neck in the tender/zodiac. I even use it as a hat sometimes.

-       Thongs: my all time favourite; Havaianas (they are indestructible).

-       Sport shoes: it is not because you are in the Caribbean that there is no possibility to get active. We did some nice hikes in Saba and St Bart’s. Don’t forget socks to prevent blisters. 

Hiking in Saba

Hiking in colour is even better


-       This is the time to take your colourful clothes out of the wardrobe. That yellow dress you almost never wear at home, now is the time!

-       A watertight bag to protect your valuables/camera in the Zodiac, or to protect it against the sand on the beach.

-       At least one sweater for the evening. After a day in the sun the evenings can feel a bit cool. Not to forget the air-conditioning inside.

-       A swim shirt to prevent sunburn.

-       Light dresses.

-       An adaptor. Even when most ships provide power outlets both for US/Europe sometimes you need several outlets at the same time…

-       Insecticide. When you do a hike in a rainforest you will be happy you packed it.

-       Sportswear. Ok you are on a holiday but isn’t it nice to do some sport. Maybe you will even try a new sport.

-       A waterproof camera. You will not have to worry about your expensive camera getting wet. Also very handy for snorkel pictures or when you do watersports. Mike bought an Olympus Though. Even as a professional photographer it is a handy tool for taking pictures on/in the water.

-       A beach bag to carry all your stuff.

-       Band aids for small wounds.

Protect your skin!

What not to pack:

-       Don’t pack too many T-shirts! Everywhere we went there were cheap T-shirts for sale. Buying a T-shirt of your new favourite beach bar makes for a nice holiday souvenir…

Also on every ship there is laundry service, so why pack heavily?

-       No books…or maybe one to read on the plane. Every ship has a library with books and magazines you will want to read.

-       A computer. Internet on board is expensive (although we liked the SEADREAM formula where you pay a fee of €99.00 for almost unlimited access). And it feels good to disconnect from your mails, social media… 

Mike “light”

Next time I bring a watertight bag for my camera

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike

For next Caribbean trip we’ll know what to pack, and what not.